WP 7: Communication and Dissemination

Objectives of the WP

 Close relations with regional, domestic, European and international stakeholders

- Strong corporate identity for the project, project consortium and participating regions

- Effective communication infrastructure

- Increased general awareness towards project results and opportunities in water monitoring and management


Description of work


 Regular and frequent communication (A7.1, 18.2 PM)

--- with regional, domestic, European and international stakeholders

----- at the start of the project (M01-M02), contacting all supporting partners to agree in further detail upon the

extent and nature of involvement

--- with Project Officer

- Establishing and maintaining communication infrastructure (A7.2, 6 PM)

--- communication plan

--- corporate identity

--- project website with extranet/epiware functionality

--- communication material

--- e-mailing lists

--- maintaining and updating infrastructure during project as necessary

- Obtaining media visibility for the project, project consortium, participating regions, project objectives, and the

topic of water monitoring and management (published articles, as well as other media when possible, at least at

regional level) (A7.3, 6.1 PM)

- Disseminating project results via website, contact network, open seminar and mentoring (A7.4, 26.5 PM)

--- quantitative information for A7.4: number of persons invited to the open seminar: >= 200, number of media

appearances (scientific articles, news coverage, presentations, etc.) related to the project: >= 20

--- mentoring events (precise regions for mentoring to be determined by M06): in the Baltic Sea Region on M25,

and elsewhere in the EU on M31