WP 6: Formulation of a Joint Action Plan

Objectives of the WP

 A new strategy to drive economic development through RTD and innovation activities in the fields of water

monitoring and management enhancing the entire value-added chain of innovation, based upon results from

work packages 3–5


Description of work


 Gathering and analysing results from work packages 3–5 (A6.1, 21.1 PM)

- Formulating a new strategy comprising regionally specific activities, including (A6.2, 40.1 PM):

--- innovation measures to facilitate the development of new products, services and processes on the grounds of

excellent research results, recruitment of innovation assistants

--- increasing researcher mobility, including mobility between research and industry

--- improving and sharing RTD infrastructure and other facilities

--- identifying relevant collaborative RTD related projects

--- enhancing skills and knowledge transfer between business entities, and between research entities and

business entities

--- involving universities and other higher education establishments in the process of knowledge transfer

--- improving availability of, and access to, SME and innovation support services

--- facilitating access to private and/or public funding for RTD and innovation

--- mentoring activities for capacity building in regions with a less-developed research profile

--- dissemination activities through conferences, workshops, publications, web-based initiatives and any other

relevant events or activities

--- internationalisation activities to prepare clusters for global competition and to unlock new business


--- financial plan describing in detail the sources of funding for the implementation of the new strategy, including

involvement of Structural Funds authority


The Joint Action Plan released in April 2015, Brussels, download from here!




D6.1. Joint Action Plan and related business plans.