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BalticFlows final report on Urban Stormwater Management

BalticFlows final report on Diffuse Load Monitoring

BalticFlows final report on Citizen Activity in Water Monitoring

Towards Sustainable Water Use: Experiences from the Projects AFRHINET and Baltic Flows

Joint Action Plan released in Brussels, April 2015

Press Releases 

Urban stormwater management and monitoring in the Baltic Sea region

Latvijas klāstera dalībnieku tikšanās Rīgā, Latvijā

Results of the Active Citizen surveys

Symposium on Sustainable Approaches to Urban Stormwater Management

"BUP Summer Course on “Implementing Sustainable Development in European Cities and Regions” September 8-12, 2015

"10. Deutsche Klimatagung held in Hamburg"

Lounais - Soumi hakee kasvua megatrendiksi nousseesta vedesta

Retrospect on The European Conference on Media, Communication and Film 2015 visit

Itämeren valumavesien hallintaan kehitetään uusia menetelmiä

Partner meeting Jūrmala, Latvija 2015 

Towards Stormwater Management in Baltic Cities, Brussels 2015 

International conference to find solutions to cope with rainwater in our cities

“9. ExtremWetterKongress” held in Hamburg

Turusta johdetun EU-rahoitteisen BalticFlows-hankkeen ensimmäinen vuosi takana

Water issues in focus at international meeting in Uppsala, 2014

Uppsala estimates flood risk developing detailed flood maps

Estonia plans to sell rain water related experience

Partner meeting, Riga 2014

Symposium and partner meeting, Hamburg 2014

UK-China partnership on Water, 2013

EU-China Urbanization Exhibition, Beijing 2013 

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